Longtime Steele County 4-H supporter Jim Grass was not going to miss the swine show in 2020 despite the Steele County Fair's cancelation. Grass told AM 1390 KRFO Radio in August, "I haven't missed a 4-H county hog show since 1945." Grass has been a 4-H student, parent, grandparent, superintendent, and fair board member. He was named as a "Friend of Steele County 4-H" during Sunday's Pizza-in-a-Box Family 4-H Awards Banquet broadcast on AM 1390 KRFO.

The role of the radio station changed in 2020. Townsquare Media dedicated three days of on-air coverage to the 4-H Showcase held on the fairgrounds in place of the regular Steele County Fair. Countless 4-H students were highlighted with on-air interviews to discuss their projects and their feelings about the shift in 4-H programming for the year. Townsquare Media was also honored as a 'Friend of 4-H."

Missy Kuch with Steele County Extension made the "Friends" presentation during the radio broadcast. Regarding Grass, she stated, "With over 75 years of attending the Steele County Free Fair, Jim Grass is this year's Friend of 4-H...Jim has played a role in many of our Steele County 4-Her's careers from giving many youth a chance to show a calf, such as myself...to working countless hours to raise funds for the yearly 4-H Market Sale, to even serving on countless planning committees over the last few decades."

With respect to Townsquare Media, Kuch said KRFO "stood with us and braved a new platform and continued giving young people a chance to be a radio star...the crew at KRFO was ready to capture these stories."

Steele County 4H
Paul Shea/TSM

Among the other awards presented:

  • 4-H Gold Key Award for outstanding youth leadership and service, Samantha Fredin and Lexie Ignaszewski
  • Youth Super Hero Award, Alexis Steckelberg
  • Adult Super Hero Awards, Sandy Jirele, Scott Kozelka, Scott Seykora, Steele County 4-H dog leaders
  • I Dare You Leadership Award, Arica Kath, Lilly Zollner, and Lexie Ignaszewski
  • Outstanding Adult Leaders, Jill KathGuy Walbran, and Kevin Weckman

Also read: Steele County 4-H Students Enjoy Being Judged. Also find a photo gallery of Steele County Fair pictures. Judge Scott Smalley spoke about handing out ribbons and bumping fists under the new protocol.


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