Reports say that employees of a jewelry store in California fought off a group of smash-and-grab thieves. Surveillance footage shows the brave employees jump right into action after the attempted theft began.


According to reports from WDSU News, the incident occurred at a jewelry store in California. Surveillance footage from the store shows the moment that a group of people went into the store and began smashing the glass display cases.


Immediately after realizing what was happening, the store employees jumped into action. A male employee can be seen running towards one of the robbers to begin hitting him out of the store. A female employee can also be seen running towards the group and kicking one of the robbers.


While the robbers in question are still at-large, reports say that they were not able to take anything from the store. The employees were left with some broken display cases, but their bravery seemingly thwarted the robbers from taking any merchandise.

To see the surveillance footage from this specific incident, click here.

Smash-and-Grab Robberies Becoming a Significant Problem

These types of smash-and-grab robberies are seemingly becoming a significant problem for store owners. There have been many instances, such as this one, that have been caught on surveillance cameras. Check out some of those instances below.

Certainly, it must be a terrifying prospect for store owners who could possibly be targeted by this type of robbery.

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