Jeremy Renner has spent most of his time since The Hurt Locker in supporting franchise roles — notably bringing his resting pissedface to the Avengers and recent Mission: Impossible movies. But since an app isn’t enough to base a career off of, he’s about to dive into a pretty coveted role: that of history’s most notorious gunslinger Doc Holliday.

Screen Daily reports that his company The Combine and PalmStar Media have optioned the rights of two Mary Doria Russell books — Doc and Epitaph: A Novel of the O.K. Corral — on which to base their Doc Holliday movie.

Holliday himself has been more of a side character in previous movies about Wyatt Earp and the O.K. Corral, but his real-life history is pretty fascinating. He started off as a dentist in Reconstruction-era Atlanta, and when he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and given months to live, he shipped off to the Western frontier, hoping the clearer air would help his symptoms. Sure enough, he became a gambler and joined Wyatt Earp’s posse after he saved the rascal’s life.

Renner will have to finish shooting Infinity War and the next mysterious Avengers installment before he can turn his full attentions to this project, but at least that gives them plenty of time to round up a cast and director. And man, Renner is a perfect choice for the role. I mean, he already played a cowboy in a P!nk music video.

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