Breck amassed 408 points, Eden Prairie achieved 263.5 to capture the Class A and Class AA MSHSL Boys Swimming and Diving Championships.

Athletes love to compete at the University of Minnesota Aquatic Center.

Northfield was 6th, Mankato East 7th in Class A with 146 and 132 points respectively.  Austin was 12th with 61.5, New Prague 14th with 43, Mankato West 21st with 32, Winonoa 25th with 13 and Red Wing 27th with 12 points.

In Class AA the South Suburban Conference had 4 teams place in the top 10.

Prior Lake was 3rd with 194 points, Lakeville South 5th with 152, Lakeville North 9th with 104, Rosemount 10th with 79.5.

Rochester Century was 12th with 64 points, Eagan 19th with 30, Rochester Mayo 23rd with 23 and Shakopee 36th wityh 6.5 points,

Northfield was 5th in the 200 Yard Medley Relay with Josh Kraby. soph. starting followed by Peyton Truman, soph. Oliver Momberg, soph and anchor Jens Karsten, junior.  Their time was 1:37.84.  Breck Blake captured All-American status with a 1:32.45 time to win.

Mankato East was 7th led by Jordan Hogue, junior, Kaleb Kim, junior, Elliot Bartell, freshman and Nick Brauer, senior.  Time was 1:38.52.

Austin finished 10th, Mankato West 16th to gain points.

200 Freestyle Champion Henry Webb of Breck Blake is a automatic All-American with a time of 1:38.14.

Brendan Panka, sophomore of New Prague was 3rd, time 1:43.59.

Nick Brauer, senior, Mankato East 7th.

Will Redetzke, freshman, Northfield 9th with a time of 1:45.67.

Zach Evenson of Austin was 15th.

200 Yard Individual Medley Charlie Egeland, senior, Breck Blake achieved All-American status with a time of 1:48.08.

Winston Walkup, senior of Austin placed 12th.

50 Yard Freestyle champion Conner Hogan, junior of Hutchinson passed All-American standard with a time of 20.21.

Jens Kasten, Junior, Northfield was 3rd with a time of 21.31.

Jacob Bisek, sophomore, New Prague placed 13th.  Elliot Bartell, freshman from New Prague was 16th.

Jimmy Nord, senior from Chisago Lakes captured Diving with a score of 442.

Cole Javens, senior from Mankato East was 7th with 356.15.

Zachary Mikkelson, freshman, Red Wing,10th, Landen Nelson, freshman, Red Wing, 14th.

100 Butterfly Champion Conner Hogan, junior, Hutchinson won with a All-American Consideration time of 49.93.

Bartell from Mankato East was 6th, time 52.44.

Brendan Panka, sophomore, New Prague was 7th with time of 53.38.

Ethan Ihrke, sophomore, Red Wing finished 15th.

100 Yard Freestyle Champion senior, Breck Blake Jack Schurtz-Ford had Automatic All-American time of 44.85.

Jordan Hogue, Junior, Mankato East placed 3rd with a time of 47.06.

Kenny Cabeen, senior, Austin was 12th and Nick Brauer, senior from Mankato East 13th.

500 Yard Freestyle, Will Redetzke, freshman, Northfield was 4th with a time of 4:45.96.

Jacob Bisek, sophomore, New Prague finished 7th, time 4:54.05.

Brent Dahl, freshman from Austin placed 13th,

200 Yard Freestyle Relay team from Breck Blake won with a All-American Consideration time of 1:25.27.

Northfield was second with a time of 1:26.69 with Kasten starting, Gabe Heinritz, junior going second, Nick Scheglowski, sophomore next and Redetzke anchor.

Mankato West was 10th and Austin 11th.

100 Yard Backstroke was won by Jack Schurtz-Ford of Brecl Blake with All-American Consideration time of 49.78.

Jordan Hogue of Mankato East was 3rd, time 52.81.

Josh Kraby, sophomore, Northfield, 5th, time 53.95.

Colin White, senior, Winona, 6th, 53.97.

Winston Walkup, senior, Austin, 8th, 54.83.

Brent Dahl, freshman, Austin placed 9th.

100 Yard Breaststroke Champion Charlie Egeland, senior, Breck Blake achieved Automatic All-American with a time of 53.84.

Kasten of Northfield, Truman of Northfield and Sullivan Jacobs, senior from Mankato West finished 9th, 10th and 11th respectively.

400 Freestyle Relay team from Breck Blake another Automatic All-American time 3:02.58.

Mankato East was second with 3:14.50 led by Nick Brauer, Elliot Bartell on second leg, Isaac Luethmers, junior, third and Jordan Hogue anchor.

Northfield was 10th, Mankato West 12th and New Prague 16th.

Breck Blake had firsts in all but two of the events.  50 Freestyle and 100 Butterfly.

Class AA Eden Praire captured 4 of the 12 titles.

Lakeville South was 3rd in 200 Yard Medley Relay led by Grady Evenson, freshman, Ethan LaBounty, junior, Noah Cochran, junior, Alex Morelli, junior, anchor.  They had an All-American Consideration time of 1:34.01.

Prior Lake was 6th thanks to Ethan Kosin, sophomore, Owen Beaudette, freshman, Griffin Leining, sophomore, Victor Trinh, junior.

Rosemount 7th led by Matthew Warweg, senior, Quinlan Schroeder, junior, Spencer Rudd, junior and Josh Sikorski, junior.

Rochester Century placed 13th.

200 Yard Freestyle Lakeville South junior Gage Boushee was 3rd with All-American Consideration time of 1:39.83.

Alonso Montori, senior, Rochester Mayo finished 5th.

Jonah Hoffman, sophomore, Lakeville North was 8th.

Kaiden Cheung, junior, Prior Lake was 13th

200 Yard IM had three of top seven finishers from South Suburban Conference with Coooer Krance, junior, Lakeville North, Ethan LaBounty, junior, Lakeville South and Owen Dwyer, senior, Prior Lake capturing those spots.

Sullivan Labno, senior, Rosemount was 11th.

50 Yard Freestyle Victor Trinh, junior, Prior Lake was 6th.  Rochester Century senior Jack Homme finished 15th.

Lucas Gerten, sophomore from Rosemount is the Diving Champion with 480.60 points.

Blake Wallen, senior, Prior Lake placed 3rd with 424.70.

Owen Kipp, junior, Eagan, 4th, 404.40.

Porter Woodson, junior, Lakeville South, 10th.

Stone Larson, sophomore, Eagan, 14th and Silas Wagstaff, 8th grade, Rochester Century, 16th.


100 Yard Butterfly, Owen Dwyer, senior, Prior Lake, 3rd with time of 50.16.

Noah Cochran, junior, Lakeville South, 6th.  Kaiden Cheung, junior, Prior Lake, 7th.

Jack Homme, senior, Rochester Century was 12th.

100 Yard Free, Gage Boushee, junior, Lakeville North, second with time of 46.04.

Alonso Montori, senior, Rochester Mayo, 9th.

Landon Vaupel, senior, Shakopee. 10th.

500 Yard Free, Ethan Kosin, sophomore, Prior Lake finished 3rd with time of 4:36.21.

Jonah Hoffman, sophomore, Lakeville North, 5th/

Gavin Potter, freshman, Rochester Century, 12th.

Sullivan Labno, senior, Rosemount finished 16th.

200 Yard Freestyle Relay, Prior Lake finished 5th, Lakeville North 6th and Rochester Century 8th for All-State honors.

Lakeville South was 10th, Eagan 11th.

100 Yard Backstroke, Gavin Potter, freshman, Rochester Century, was 12th.

Sullivan Labno, senior, Rosemount, 16th.

100 Yard Breaststroke Cooper Krance, junior, Lakeville North, 4th with time of 56.97.

Quinlan Schroeder, juniior, Rosemount, 5th.

Ethan LaBounty, junior, Lakeville South, 8th.

400 Yard Freestyle Relay, Prior Lake, 4th, Lakeville North, 7th Lakeville South, 8th.

Rochester Century was 12th and Rosemount 16th.

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