Walleye, bass and northern pike fishing closes on inland lakes in Minnesota Sunday.  Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News joined me on WJON.  He says if you want to catch walleyes, his suggestion for this weekend is to go to lakes that have more walleyes in them.  Lakes he suggests include Red Lake, Mille Lacs and Winnie in northern Minnesota and Big Stone west along the MN/South Dakota border.  Schmitt says walleye fishing doesn't have to end for you this weekend because inland lakes no longer allow it.  He says border lakes like Lake of the Woods and Rainy Lake are possibilities until the middle of April.  Schmitt says walleye may be located in swallow water near weed lines this time of year.  He says crappies and bluegills can also be found in swallow water.  Schmitt says for those who are fishing, reports are good.

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photo - Glen Schmitt
photo - Glen Schmitt

Locally people are still ice fishing despite the warmer than normal weather.  Schmitt says ice depths vary greatly right now with 6-10 inches in spots and less than that in others.  If you plan to ice fish in Central Minnesota, Schmitt says walk onto the ice and don't use an ATV.  He says check as you go in regards to ice depth.  Schmitt explains conditions can deteriorate quickly and it is likely in a week's time conditions could change dramatically.

Schmitt says this unusual weather has led to things you don't normally see in February in Central Minnesota.  He says he saw someone fishing open water from shore this week but he's seen no boats on lakes or rivers.   Schmitt says in southern Minnesota there has been plenty of boat traffic on the Mississippi River recently.  He says lots of people have been fishing the open water on Lake Pepin.  Schmitt says reports indicate fishing there has been really good.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Glen Schmitt it is available below.



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