A life-changing tip from a restaurant patron has turned into a nightmare for a Pennsylvania pizzeria.

Alfredo's Pizza Café in Scranton, famously mentioned on Season 4 of the NBC comedy series The Office, is pursuing a lawsuit against a customer who reneged on a $3,000 tip.

The individual reportedly left the jaw-dropping tip intentionally before later disputing the charge with his credit card company.

“It’s just a little aggravating right now. It’s been causing a lot of nonsense and drama,” restaurant manager Zachary Jacobson told WNEP, stating they initially thought the customer was "actually trying to do a good thing."

Back in June, after only ordering a stromboli dish, customer Eric Smith left waitress Mariana Lambert a $3,000 tip on a $13 bill. He reportedly left the gratuity as a part of a social media trend called "Tips For Jesus."

Despite being skeptical about the large amount, the waitress was overjoyed when the credit card payment was approved.

Later, the restaurant received a note alerting them that Smith was "disputing the charge for the tip that he left," Jacobson told the outlet.

Now, since the restaurant already paid out the generous tip to employees, they are seeking legal action against the customer.

"Unfortunately, we had to file charges through the magistrate's office because now we're just out of this money at this point. And he told us to sue him, so that’s what we’re going to end up doing, I guess," Jacobson added.

Jacobson is hoping a judge will rule in their favor. "I hope that he [Smith] owns up to his actions and comes forth and does pay this, because you shouldn’t have done this if this was the end result."

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