The popularity of winter camping is on the rise, and Minnesota campgrounds will surely benefit from this outdoor trend.

According to a recent survey from the popular camping app and website The Dyrt, 31.2%, nearly one-third, of campers say they did some winter camping in 2023. According to The Dyrt's data, the popularity of winter camping has jumped 40% between 2019 and 2021.

Minnesota Native Founded Camping App The Dyrt

Minnesota native Sarah Smith is the founder of The Dryt and she says, "Growing up in northern Minnesota, I've always embraced the cold, and I'm happy to see camping becoming more of a year-round pursuit. I'm glad more people are discovering the bliss of unzipping your tent or opening your RV door to a silent blanket of snow on a pristine natural landscape."

Photo by Nathan Karsgaard on Unsplash
Photo by Nathan Karsgaard on Unsplash

Why The Increase in Winter Camping?

The rise in popularity could be because of the scarcity of campsites and RV parks during the summer months, The Dryt says in its 2023 camping report, "Campers reported five times more difficulty finding an available campsite than they did in 2019." The report found that more than 50% of people wait until the final week before a camping trip to try and make reservations, but many campgrounds report that they are often fully booked months in advance during the summer months.

The annual camping reports also found, non-surprisingly, that people are 50% more likely to camp in the winter if they camp in a vehicle like an RV, camper trailer, van, or truck. Avid campers, people who took 11+ camping trips in 2022, are twice as likely to go winter camping versus non-avid campers. One more fact about winter camping, those 55 and older did more winter camping than younger people in 2022.

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Winter Camping a Warm Weather Escape

One user of The Dryt, Dan from Arizona escaped the heat for some winter camping and says about the experience, "I once took a long road trip and was able to experience winter in seven states — it was nice to see so much of our nation covered in white, fluffy stuff. And there's less people so you're able to enjoy amazing landscapes without the crowds."

Camping enthusiasts must be looking for some winter campsites, Duluth is currently listed as one of The Dyrt's most searched cities along with other winter favorites like Moab, UT, and Colorado Springs, CO.

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