The Minnesota Timberwolves were playing at a shot to be the 7th seed in this year's NBA Playoffs. During the game against the Los Angeles Clippers, a woman glued her hand to the court.

The Timberwolves went in waves this year between losing streaks and winning streaks. All in all, it was enough to make the Playoffs. I was a little worried due to them being 1-3 against the Clips in the regular season. It was a very back and fourth battle and Karl-Anthony Towns wasn't looking so good last night. However Pat Beverley, D’Angelo Russell, and Anthony Edwards  made sure to get things done. The final minutes of this game was absolutely wild. I know ts was a game to make it into the Playoffs, but let's go Wolves!

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Pat Bev even got a little emotional after beating his former team in the Play-in game:

About three minutes left in the second quarter, things got a little weird. The announcers had no idea what happened and thought an arena worker fell onto the court. They were thinking maybe she fell or fainted. Turns out a woman actually glued her hand to the court and refused to get up. She also started writing something on the court. Why would she do this?

You can hear her yell "you're going to rip my skin" as an officer attempts to remove her from the floor:

The woman is Alicia Santurio who on social media has earned the nickname "Glue Girl". She shared on her personal Twitter page that it was a protest attempt to bring attention to the mass killings of chickens at Glen Taylor's Factory Farm.

Glen Taylor owns stakes in multiple Minnesota teams including: the Timberwolves, the Lynx, and the United FC soccer team. A lot of people had mixed reviews of the protest on social media. Who knows, maybe the stoppage of the game got into the heads of LA. You can check out footage of the entire scene below:

Also, check out the NSFW post season interview with Pat Bev and Ant:

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