To the adults out there who enjoy an occasional cocktail and ice cream, a Duluth ice cream shop has a delicious treat you need to try soon!

As a born-and-raised Minnesotan, I love some good ice cream all year long. I'll treat myself to a sweet frozen dessert whether we're in the middle of a January deep freeze or a Northland summer heatwave.

Granted, the warmer temps do give me an excuse to indulge a little more often.

I like to pop in at the various ice cream shops around the Twin Ports area from time to time, sampling new flavors and some of the specialties different shops offer.

One of those regular destinations is Duluth's Love Creamery. I'll sometimes pop in at their Canal Park location as part of a Lakewalk stroll, but I also like to go to their original location in the Lincoln Park Craft District too, because they offer different flavors at each of their locations.

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On a recent visit, I saw a flavor I hadn't noticed before, but has apparently been an occasional item at Love Creamery. The flavor? Whiskey pecan. As a whiskey lover, I was intrigued, and I noticed on their sandwich board menu that it actually does contain alcohol (though I can't imagine it is too much), telling me it isn't just a flavor gimmick.

I asked for a sample and learned that it is actually made with Duluth's own Vikre Sugarbush Whiskey as well as a hint of maple syrup and homemade toasted pecans all in this treat. So, not only is it authentic, but it is a fantastic local whiskey too!

The sample wowed me, so I ordered up a cone. Let me tell you, this was probably one of the best ice cream cones I've had in a long time. Maybe ever.

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The whiskey flavor is pronounced and does taste like you're having a frozen whiskey beverage. That said, it isn't overwhelming and it is definitely well-balanced with the nutty toasted pecan flavor, creaminess and sweetness of the ice cream base, and hint of maple syrup.

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I can't overstate the level of balance to the flavors and the addition of some crunch with some pecans in the ice cream itself to make for a truly 10-out-of-10 locally made ice cream.

I didn't ask how long the whiskey pecan flavor will be available, but it historically looks like it has been a flavor that comes and goes at Love Creamery's Lincoln Park location. That said, it might be worth making a point to go check it out soon if this sounds even remotely interesting to you.

If you like whiskey at all, you'll love this ice cream!

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