I've been following weird news for quite some time. I frequently share stories of UFO or UAP sightings in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. But, this is something I've never heard of: Alien Abduction Insurance. It turns out it's an actual policy you can buy. There have even been a couple of times it's paid out.

How does alien abduction insurance work?

You can buy the policy for a one-time premium for $24.95. If you want a paper copy you'll have to pay $29.95.  You really need to read the fine print on it, because it's not easy to have a successful claim.

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The only company offering it is St. Lawrence Agency in Florida, but you can buy it wherever you live.

You can buy the coverage from the St. Lawrence Agency in Florida. There have been other companies that have offered it, but currently, according to USA Today, this is the only place you can get coverage. They've sold thousands of policies since 1987, and google shows their phone number is 407-257-8360.


You're going to need the alien who abducted you to sign off on the claim.

This is where it gets ridiculous and you discover it's clearly a joke. You need to have proof you were abducted. A signature from an alien who was onboard during the time of abduction would be sufficient.

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But wait, there actually have been two successful claims.

In New York, a cab driver had a successful claim after he had been telling his friends for years about his abduction. Also, a train conductor from New York filed a claim with a polaroid picture that was taken onboard the alien craft. He said the lighting was bad, and that's why the photo didn't turn out. St. Lawrence Agency paid both of these claims.

The policy pays $10 million over 10 million years.

So this is clearly a gag gift. If you do have a successful claim it pays out $1 a year for 10 million years.

The perfect gift for the UFO enthusiast in your life.

This would be a great thing to purchase for a friend as a gag gift. Beam me up!

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