Any day that celebrates coffee is tops in my book. And a day to celebrate the shots of coffee, the espresso, is even better. I have been known to add an extra shot or two to my coffees when I order them at the coffee shop. Doesn't matter which one, I love that extra jolt of caffeine.

Today, being Black Friday, just means we have even more reason to enjoy the black, flavorful, roasted beans concoctions. After all, a lot of people take part in the traditional Black Friday sales, and after an early start to the day with shopping, you just might need that pick-me-up. In my house, this is also the day that I decorate for Christmas, so, I will need the extra energy that comes from the nectar of the gods.

Yep, I am a coffee aficionado, and I will even grind my own beans. Today, I will have to make a trip to get an espresso, because I will celebrate this day. 



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