If you were at Hy-Vee Tuesday afternoon, specifically between the hours of 4 and 6 pm, you may have noticed the presence of a fire truck and police vehicles. The store was the location of an epic battle between the Owatonna Fire Department and Owatonna Police Department.

Nobody was injured, nothing was destroyed by fire...although there were some good burns between the two departments as they were soliciting donations for the Steele County Salvation Army's Red Kettle Drive. That's right, the epic battle was to see who could raise the most money between the two departments.

Melissa Hall/Townsquare Media

The Fire Department came out in their gear, along with a mascot, and were throwing shade at the Police Department, located less than 5 feet away. They told me, after I put some change in the Police Department's kettle, that they would not respond to my house...all in good fun of course. They had suckers for the kiddos, and posted pictures and a video on their Facebook page.

Melissa Hall/Townsquare Media

The Police Department gave away stickers and suckers to the kiddos, and even claimed they might be singing later in order to get the donations in their kettle, and win this epic battle. They had more members of their department join them, although that was after I left. I maintain that if Vegas had made an appearance, they could have won by a landslide. After all, who could say no to that face?

Vegas Melissa Hall/Townsquare Media

The final amounts raised, as well as the winner, will be posted to the Fire Department's Facebook page later. No matter who won this battle, the real winners are all of the families and individuals in Steele County who are helped out by the Salvation Army.

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