If this is true, it is the most Minnesotan thing ever! I recently saw something about Minnesota that made fun of our reputation for being really, really nice.

I came across it this week. According to what I saw, Minnesotans are so nice that when we throw away food at someone's house or food that someone else made, we throw it out upside down! That way, the person who made it doesn't see that you aren't clearing your plate.

Once I saw this, I totally realized that I do this ALL the time at other people's homes or even when my mom makes dinner and I don't finish it all. I didn't know this was a Minnesota thing. I thought it was just something we all did to be polite!

So here is my question: is this really something that is only done in Minnesota or is it done everywhere? I can only speak for myself and what I have done being born and raised here. Maybe people assume it is a Minnesota thing because we have reputations for being really nice. I guess it wouldn't be the worst thing if this was one of our signature traits, right?

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A few years back, I noticed another Minnesota tick. I noticed that people were saying "mmmm, bye" before hanging up the phone. This also has not been proven to be a Minnesota thing but I haven't noticed any of my friends outside of the state doing it so I feel like it just might be. Ha!

Don't even get us started on the very famous Minnesota goodbye.

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