This week would have kicked off the Minnesota State Boy's Basketball tournament. Generally, when the tournament happens we seem to also get some weather along with it. This year due to Coronavirus we do not have the tournament, but that doesn't mean we won't get the weather. Current predictions from The Weather Channel show the possibility of a snow event coming to Minnesota at the end of this week, Thursday into Friday. 

Image Credit: The Weather Channel/

According to The Weather Channel's early predictions with this front;

"the general picture of snowfall with this storm is beginning to come into focus. In general, heavier snow accumulations outside of the Rockies are most possible in the High Plains of Wyoming, western Nebraska and parts of South Dakota. In most other areas of the northern Plains and upper Midwest, light to moderate accumulations are expected, with the exception of areas that may see lake-enhanced snow around Lake Superior. Keep in mind this snowfall forecast could still change depending on the exact track of the storm. Denver and Minneapolis are among the uncertain forecasts with scenarios ranging from little to no snow to more significant amounts."

Did you read that last sentence? Right now it's too uncertain to forecast what might come our way in terms of precipitation. As the week goes on and we get closer to Thursday we should have a better idea of what kind of weather we will see.

Image Credit: The Weather Channel/


The National Weather Service in the Twin Cities is predicting that the system will swing through the area, but they too don't know what will happen in terms of precipitation.


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