Monday the Minnesota State High School League is set to meet to vote on whether or not volleyball and football will be moved back to the fall, and be played here in Minnesota. If the board approves both sports to be played this fall, the question is then what will these contests look like?

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As of now, the governor has capped gatherings at 250 people, so it won't be bleachers full of spectators inside gymnasiums and at area football fields. Some school districts that normally would field a football team might not be able to due to case averages in their county or school district, or players that normally play are involved with soccer or are gearing up for a winter sport to begin.

Look to your local radio stations to bring you the action on those nights when football or volleyball is being played, if approved. You can enjoy the sounds of the game from the warm comfort of your home rather than sitting on the cold bleachers, or having to mask up inside a gym.

As for volleyball, recently there was a report done that showed indoor prep sports, like basketball, were more likely to spread COVID-19. Will there be spectators allowed at volleyball games then? It might be like swimming and diving, where people have to stream games. Local radio stations hope to be there too, will it be just home games or away games? We don't know, we are learning just like you are with where we can go, and what we can offer you during this time.

If football is approved and not volleyball will there be a question in regards to Title IX, equality of sports between men and women? What happens if a lineman on a prep team tests positive? Will the whole O-line and D-line be quarantined 14-days? What if a players parents test positive? It's crazy to think about.

There are so many questions in regards to what decision is right, and what to do with sports like football and volleyball when there has been plenty of contact in area soccer games.

If I had a vote, I'd let the students play. If for nothing else a distraction from everything else going on in the world.

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