You can't seem to go a day without hearing something about the Building Bond Referendum here in town. My social media feed is filled with facts and opinions from both sides, yes and no to the referendum. If you drive through the neighborhoods in town, you will see yard signs posted to gain attention and get votes. Even my mailbox yesterday had mailings from both camps, Vote Yes and Vote No.

I enjoy the fact that our country allows us to stand up for what we believe in, and we can try to influence friends and family through conversations and social media. We don't have to agree on the issues and that's ok. We don't have to. That is why we have elections, and special elections, so the people can vote for what they want, and in true democratic fashion, the majority wins.

I was fully planning on going to the polls on May 14th, to cast my ballot in the School District Special Election. I am not willing to publicly discuss how I plan on voting, but, I publicly announce that I do vote. However, this year, after looking at my calendar for the 14th, I realized I really would not have time to get to the polls, if I'm even in town for part of the day. So, I went to the county auditor's office, and voted early, via absentee ballot.

Voting absentee is a very easy process, but, there is a short process. You need to fill out an application, it's very short, they give you your ballot and have you go vote, then you seal it in an envelope while they process that you have voted. It took me about 5 minutes, and the ladies in the office were quite knowledgable about the process and friendly. Ideally, everyone should go to their polling locations and vote on election day, but, sometimes that is just not an option.

I did find something out that was interesting, the last time I had to vote absentee was in 2004 for the presidential election, and I had to give a reason why I was not able to get to the polls on election day. I was very pregnant and unsure if I was even going to be home, or still in the hospital after giving birth. Now, they no longer require a reason to vote early.

I am proud to say I voted, and I encourage everyone who is registered to get out there and get your voices heard and votes counted. It does make a difference! You can find a sample ballot and your location by going here. You can also go to the school district's site here for more information about the referendum.

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