Hey, you! Have you voted today? You're planning on voting, right? Because you totally should vote today. Not just because it's important to participate in a free democracy by using your voice as a citizen of our country, but perhaps most importantly, it can score you some free grub.

That's right - some local chains are offering special deals just for people who voted today. So save your "I Voted" sticker and head to these locations after casting your ballot:


Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Today and tomorrow, you can receive a free cookie just by asking. Technically, you don't have to vote, but they'd still really like it if you did! Seriously, you should vote.


Taco John's

They're offering a free order of chips and nacho cheese with any order placed on its app. Not only is today Election Day; it's also National Nacho Day. Don't forget to vote and nacho today.



If there are any other special deals today, I'll make sure to update this. Now GO VOTE!!

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