With the MN "Click it or Ticket" campaign that started Monday, I got to thinking about all of the other issues I see while driving. What I have seen in the past week alone has really made me scared to let my daughter even get her learner's permit when she hits 15.

  1. People on the phone, not using hands-free to carry on a conversation, or worse, looking down at their phones while they are supposed to be looking at the road.
  2. People not looking when they are trying to change lanes, I saw a near miss yesterday, and the driver who did not look to see if the lane was clear was on their phone.
  3. When people do not yield the right of way to emergency vehicles when the lights and sirens are going. I saw this just last week, the fire rescue truck had to wait for cross traffic to stop. I am just glad it was not icy, it could have been much worse.
  4. People not yielding the right of way to pedestrians in a cross-walk. This is very important, and I see it all the time at the 26th St and 3rd Ave crosswalk. If the lights are flashing, the pedestrian has the right of way. However, if a pedestrian is crossing in the middle of the street, they need to yield to traffic.

These are just a few things I have seen as the weather is getting warmer, and it is a good reminder for all that driving is a privilege, not a right. Moral of the story; put the phone down and be completely attentive in your driving.


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