Comedian Charlie Berens is at it again with one of his hysterical videos about life in the midwest, mainly in Wisconsin. Berens has been doing standup comedy for years traveling all over the country, and I always wondered if he changes up his show outside of the midwest.

There are so many funny little subtleties that people in other parts of the country would not pick up on that we in Minnesota and Wisconsin do on a daily basis. According to Berens Facebook page, he is a comedian, creator of The Manitowoc Minute, Host of the Cripescast, Emmy-winning journalist, and author.

I have been following Berens for years on his videos called the Manitowoc Minute and his accent hits home 100%. Growing up in a suburb of Milwaukee I have been accused of having a slight accent, but nothing, like he portrays which I am sure, can be found at all corners of the state. Unlike the Minnesota accent which is more of a dragging of anything with the letter O in it the Wisconsin accent is sharp and nasally.

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I am sure many people can relate to Berens latest ice fishing video especially with, multiple times this winter of people floating off on a broken piece of ice like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Thankfully everyone was rescued in all those scenarios but I could not imagine what I would do Check out Berens trying to Luge!  And for more laughs make sure to check out Berens YouTube Channel. Don't forget to pick up some Manitowoc Minute merchandise while you are at it.

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