When my children were younger, I was at a slight disadvantage when I had to go Christmas shopping. I usually had my girls with me when shopping, the joys of being a single parent. When they were really young, they were oblivious to what I was putting in my cart, and I could "hide" the gifts under my coat, in the bottom of the cart, until I got to the check-out line, then distract them some when I was paying.

Now that they are older, I don't have to take them with me. However, now that they are older, it is harder to get the gifts into the house and hidden until I can wrap them. Kids, especially mine, can be so danged nosy, they will hunt until they figure out where the gifts are. This means I have had to be creative in where, and how, I hide the gifts.

I have definitely stored gifts in my furnace room, or with neighbors and friends, but sometimes those options are not available when they are needed. I found a great blog with several ideas I had not heard of. You can check out the ideas here

Christmas presents


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