HGTV has a lot of fun, unique shows that talk about how to do renovations on homes. It also has shows that help folks find their dream home. Heather and Brad Fox are the stars of "Stay or Sell." Bring Me the News claims that they are opening a design studio in the Twin Cities.

The couple currently has an office Minnetonka. In the article, Heather said that it is way too small for their operations. That is why they have decided to move part of their operations to the Twin Cities.

The article says that they are working on turning a 4,000-square-foot space into a design studio, retail shop, and realty office. They are calling it Foxwell. The new office is going to be located at 4400 France Ave S.

This upgrade means that the couple is going to have to add some staff. The plan is that they are going to take a portion of their staff and move them from the Minnetonka offices. They are also down the road going to be adding other positions to help them operate at a high level.

Heather and Brad are waiting to hear if their HGTV show "Stay or Sell," will be coming back for a second season or not. They are hoping that happens. Another goal they have is to make and sell large scale furniture. The goal is to build the Foxell name and brand not only in Minnesota but across the country.

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