A heads down moment turned into a heads up play.

Actually, scratch that, because Northwestern women's basketball players Ashley Deary most certainly did not have a good head on her shoulders. During the Wildcats' 60-38 trouncing of Rutgers on Thursday, Deary elected to tie her shoe in the backcourt while she brought the ball up, giving RU's Khadaizha Sanders the chance to sneak in and steal the ball, leading to a Scarlet Knight basket.

Northwestern was already pretty much in control of the game at the time, so it's not like it turned into a huge blunder, but it's still not the smartest of moves. Fortunately, RU was never able to e-lace the big deficit.

Northwestern is on the cusp of 20 wins, which is great and all, but you get the sense they've still got a ways to go. After all, UConn, the gold standard in women's basketball -- all basketball, really -- probably wouldn't let this happen.

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