This week on WJON's Health Matters program I talked with Dr. Steve Jacobsen from CentraCare and the University of Minnesota.  He says foot problems that people often have include plantar fasciitis, bunions, bone spurs, tendonitis, hammer toe, gout and more.  He says a person's physical make up can lead to continued foot and ankle injuries as can unproperly healed injuries.  Listen to our 4-part conversation below.





Wearing incorrect footwear and running incorrectly or participating on unforgiving surfaces can lead to foot and ankle problems.  Dr. Jacobsen says how large a person is doesn't necessary contribute to the likelihood that an individual will have foot and ankle problems.  He says plantar fasciitis can vary on the severity.  Dr. Jacobsen says in some cases it can be debilitating and career ending for athletes to depend on running, starting and stopping on a regular basis like basketball players.  Treatment for plantar fasciitis can include rest and stretching.

Bunions can be common in women.  Dr. Jacobsen says women tend to get bunions by wearing high heels for a length of time.  He says bunions can be removed with the procedure called a bunionectomy.  He says tendonitis can happen in the foot and ankle with stretching and rest the best remedy unless the problem persists.

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