My daughter is 13, and she is planning to go begging this year, probably for the last time. Ok, trick-or-treating, but I call it like I see it, begging for candy and other treats. I know that some people, myself included, think she is just about too old for this, but, I would rather she participate in trick-or-treating with her friends than other mischief and shenanigans, where she could really get in trouble.

Our issue is this, what is an appropriate costume? Some of the adult costumes I have seen barely cover the "essentials" and I don't want her to be dressed inappropriately. Any idea that I have, well, she's a teenager, so what I say doesn't count because I'm "old" and can't possibly understand.

Give us your best costume ideas, preferably something we can make together, and we will be ever so grateful. I'll make sure to share pictures of the finished product as well as her haul.

Halloween party with children wearing costumes
Halloween party with children wearing costumes. ThinkStock

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