A bill that would raise the age to 21 or older be able to purchase tobacco products of any kind including vaping and e-cigarette products is on it's way to be signed by Governor Tim Walz.

On Wednesday the Minnesota Senate passed the bill, while the House had already passed the bill on May 9. This Bill being dubbed as House File 331 states if a retailers is caught selling any type of tobacco product to an individual under age 21 they face a $300 fine for the first offense.

Some Senators felt the bill did not go far enough and that anyone under 21 should face a fine similar to being caught with alcohol, but that was pushed out by a majority of the Senate believing that the consumer should not be punished but rather offered educational resources and that the retailer is solely responsible.

Of course on the other side of the argument were Senators who feel that if you can get married and serve your country when you are 18 that you should be free to purchase tobacco products. The city of Duluth already passed it's own ordinance on January 29 2019 banning the sale of any tobacco products to anyone under 21. For more in this story click here.

I personally understand what they are trying to do, especially with vaping becoming so popular among young people ,but the reality is these kids and young adults will find a way to get it anyway. Whether it is cigarettes or vaping products where there is a will there is a way. Yes this will make it harder to get which may deter some, but will not stop everyone.

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