During Monday's afternoon address, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz called upon Minnesotans to wear masks...so that they could vote against him in two years!

About 10 minutes into his address, Gov. Walz pleaded with Minnesotans to find some motivation to wear a mask:

Whatever it takes to motivate you. Because I want to see every Minnesotan get through this. Wear your mask and stay healthy if for no other reason that'll keep you healthy to vote against me in two years if that's what it takes. Just keep yourself healthy, and keep others healthy. Whatever motivates you for that -- that is simply the best thing we have at this point in time.


Walz's comment wasn't tongue-in-cheek or intended to be funny but -- rather -- a desperate plea with Minnesotans to do their absolute best to stay healthy and keep fellow Minnesotans healthy.

Some were quick to pick up on the humor, though, even if it was unintentional.

"This is hilarious," commented one on Reddit.

"Damn, Walz is getting fiesty against those who complain about everything he has done so far," joked another. Others have praised Walz's leadership.

"Walz is fresh out of f**** to give, and I for one can't blame him one bit," commented another on Reddit. "We need to be better."

"Even my staunchly Republican, Trump-voting 1st CD-resident mother approves of the job he's doing, and says she's voting for him in 2022," added one.

The real purpose of Monday's address was to hear from healthcare workers who are also pleading with Minnesotans to follow in compliance with Minnesotan COVID-19 guidelines. You can read more about Monday's address here.

Whether you approve of Governor Walz or not, he's asking you to wear a mask...so you can for against (or for) him in two years.

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