There were a lot of farmers at the annual Rice and Steele County Crops Day in Owatonna on Tuesday. Lisa Behnken and Ryan Miller gave a very interesting presentation on weed resistance and developing a management plan. Lisa and Ryan had developed a flow chart with different classes of herbicides. Then as a class of herbicides did not control giant ragweed or waterhemp you crossed that one off. Then you could see which options or systems that you had left to choose from.

Another interesting presentation was given by Dave Bau on fair land rental rates. Dave had one statistic that pretty well summarized the situation farmers are in. Corn and bean prices are where they were in 2007. Cash rent in 2007 was around $125 an acre. Today cash rents are around $200 to $285 an acre. Of course the problem now is all other expenses are a lot higher today, not just cash rent. By the way, special thanks to Troy and Carol from Cashwise Foods in Owatonna for catering a great lunch - chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy. Real food!

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