People scoff when I tell them that my wife and I make it a goal to see all the Acadamy Award nominated movies before Oscar Night. It seems most people haven't heard of many of the movies, let alone seen them. We are a bit ahead of the curve this year, having already seen six of the nine movies nominated for Best Picture.

A number of years ago I realized I had seen most of the Razzie-nominated movies, but none of the Oscar movies. So I set out to see them and found them to be quite good. My wife has been very successful over the last few years picking the winner. Her early favorite is The Shape of Water, a love story involving a fantasy sea-creature.

The nominees were announced Tuesday morning and are detailed by Screen Crush.

We have learned about the pressures that Winston Churchill dealt with during World War II in Darkest Hour. The evacuation of troops from the beaches of Dunkirk was a sobering history lesson as well.

I really enjoyed the story of Lady Bird's senior year at a Catholic high school in California. Get Out is a horror flick with a bit dark comedy to it and several unexpected twists. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri has a bit of a Fargo feel with the same lead actress.

We are yet to see Call Me By Your Name, Phantom Thread or The Post. We have a few weeks to find the time. The awards show is March 4.

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