Kids lined up to dunk me for as far as my eyes could see. My co-workers filled in the gaps to make sure I stayed in the water more than on the plank during Friday's Owatonna Chamber of Commerce dunk tank during Crazy Days.

Over two days media members, high school coaches, politicians, businesses leaders and others sat on the precarious edge of the break-away seat anticipating the rattle and clank that preceded being dropped into the chilly waters of the tank. I feel for the Thursday participants, when temperatures were even cooler than Friday.

Roughly $500 was raised Thursday for the Central Park holiday lights. Money raised Friday, $1 per three throws, will go toward the all-inclusive We All Play playground and Miracle Field.

Owatonna Public Schools Superintendent Jeff Elstad took a turn in addition to high school coaches Josh Storm, Dan Paur, Peter Rhoades, Adam Woitalla, Nate Gendron and Dave Chatelaine. Jeffrey Jackson of the People's Press, a good sport at these types of events as he showed while dressing as a woman for the KRFO nail driving contest a couple of years ago, also took the plunge.

Local sports promoter Todd Walkingstick got dunked by his immediate family. Senator John Jasinski, chamber president Brad Meier and Karen Pehrson of the chamber each took a turn.

I'm impressed by the accuracy of Owatonna's upcoming generation, as many of the kids who took aim hit the target. Additionally, I encouraged a few of the younger ones to push the button even if their throws didn't knock me in.

I'll admit I was a little apprehensive about volunteering for this event. But after the first dunk or two when I flailed about a little and knocked my elbow into the side of the contraption, I got the drill down and learned how best to fall and climb back out. I was happy that the RAD Zoo people didn't forget any of their reptiles behind, who may have taken up occupancy in the tank.

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Owatonna Crazy Days
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