In what could be one of the weirdest executive orders created, the state of Georgia is no longer requiring one to pass a driving test to get their license due to the Coronavirus.

Normally, one would have to complete a written test and successfully pass a behind the wheel test before being issued a legal drivers license. That is no longer the case in Georgia, thanks to their latest executive order. As reported by Fox 5 in Atlanta, the road test has been temporally suspended.

While the Department of Driver Services practices social distancing during this pandemic, it's impossible for an employee to conduct a road test in the same vehicle with an applicant and still keep their distance.


Here's the kicker, all teen drivers will need to be issued a valid drivers license is their parents permission....they literally just have to sign off the 40 hours needed behind the wheel for them to get a license. While I don't believe that every parent will do this, I am fairly certain that many will.

Where was this when I was getting my license? Growing up in California and learning to drive, specifically around the Los Angeles area, wasn't the greatest. So next time you plan a trip to Georgia, hopefully not anytime soon, you may encounter some not so experienced and smart drivers...

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