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I saw what I thought was the cheapest price I'd seen for a gallon of gasoline-- until I did a little research and found it selling for way cheap about an hour from Rochester!

Inflation is at the highest rate it's been in over 40 years right now, and much of that increase is being fueled by the massive increase in the price of oil and, in turn, gasoline. And, as we all know, despite how high the price is, it's something we ALL still have to purchase. (Well, unless you have an electric vehicle, that is.)

Which is why I always keep an eye on the price of gas at gas stations and convenience stores while I'm out and about here in Rochester. And on my way to work early Monday morning, I noticed that the Sinclair station on 6th Street Southwest was selling a gallon of unleaded for $4.29.

Curt St John/Townsquare Media-Rochester/Preston, MN
Curt St John/Townsquare Media-Rochester/Preston, MN

We just filled up our SUV Sunday in Rochester, and the price was way higher-- at $4.49 a gallon. Now, while that's still high, even that price is down quite a bit from the highest it was earlier this year.

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AAA Minnesota noted that the highest price gas sold for in Rochester was $4.78 a gallon back on June 11th. Since then, AAA Minnesota noted, prices have been falling, with most stations in Minnesota's Med City selling a gallon of unleaded gas now (as of Monday morning, July 18th) for around $4.45 a gallon.

But if you happen to head northeast of Rochester about an hour or so, GasBuddy says you'll find a gallon of unleaded selling for the bargain price (<--- sarcasm font) of $3.71 a gallon at various gas stations and convenience stores in... Hastings!

I'm not sure why gas in Hastings is so much cheaper than in Rochester, but GasBuddy says it's $3.71 a gallon right now (as of Monday morning, July 18th) at Kwik Trip, Holiday, and M&H.

Of course, to take advantage of that price, you'd need to drive roughly 130 miles round trip up and back. Which, in my vehicle (which gets around 28 miles a gallon/highway) would cost just under $17. And, with the price difference between here and there for a fill-up (13 gallons) in my vehicle being just under $8, it looks like it's not worth it for me to make the trip.

But if you happen to find yourself near Hastings, you might want to take advantage of those cheap prices (<--- sarcasm font) and fill 'er up!


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