ST. CLOUD -- This is National Games and Puzzle week, which is traditionally held during the week of Thanksgiving.

Josh Lewis is the owner of Lewis Game Shop in St. Cloud. He says this year has been one of the biggest years ever for the gaming industry. He says everything from puzzles to board games, to card games are flying off the shelves.

The Pokemon card game has blown up.  There was a YouTuber who spent $150,000 on a card and that just blew up the industry.

Lewis says old school board games like Monopoly have also been reinventing themselves.

We stock all sorts of versions of Monopoly, like Mario Monopoly, Zelda Monopoly, Bit Bang Theory Monopoly, you name it in pop culture there is now a Monopoly game for it.

Lewis says many adults are returning to games to help pass the time during this COVID-19 year.

I would definitely say a lot of older people who weren't gaming are now gaming because going out to the bars or movies that sort of thing is disappearing and family game night seems to be popular.  Adults are going back to gaming.

Lewis says for his store about 50 percent of their business is from video games, 30 percent from card games, and 20 percent from board games.  Just three years ago video games made up 90 percent of their sales. He says overall the gaming industry is up about 300 percent from a year ago.

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