A recent listing on Facebook Marketplace reveals a sense of humor you can't help but appreciate.

There's no shortage of interesting and unique items for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Last month, we shared about an Anoka man selling seeds from his record-setting squashes. Recently, someone up the other end of the I-94 Corridor in Moorhead took to Facebook Marketplace with another interesting -- and definitely hilarious -- sale.

Over the weekend, Reddit user u/Catsray shared a screenshot of a Facebook Marketplace listing he stumbled across: someone in Moorhead selling a "bag of coke" for $10. Few details are given aside from the item, the price and the location, though a photo of the item reveals that the listing isn't what it seems:

(If photo above does not show, refresh page or click here)

Clearly a gag, the bag of drugs (coke or cocaine) is, in fact, just a tiny bag filled -- presumably -- with Coca Cola.

"It’s not even Coke," joked one in the comment section, "it’s Faygo."

"Throw in them box drink straw, and I'll buy it for a dime," joked another. The best comment, however, is a clever, ridiculous backstory provided by Reddit user ChelChamp:


He had told me that it was in motel room #6. I got out of my car and stepped into the snow covered parking lot. My boots crunched as I walked to the end of the row of doors. I could feel the sweat running down my brow and into my eyes. I’d known Mikey for years, and he had never shorted me before. But it didn’t make this any easier.

After the government made the sale of products beyond 10g of sugar illegal, I needed my fix. I knew the risks. But I only had to re-up the supply every few weeks, so I thought I could manage the dangers.

I knocked on door 6 as it was struggling to stay on the hinges. The murmurs inside went quiet. The chain latch clapped open and the door was opened a crack.

“Quickly. Get in here.”

I scuttled inside. Stacks of 12 packs lined the walls, Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Fanta. But then I saw my prize. A case of Baja Blast, one of the last of its kind sat on the STD-ridden bed.

Mikey sat down in the corner and watched me closely. An armed man stood behind him in the shadows. My old college roommate was now one of the largest pop dealers in the state, hell, maybe the country.

I thought back to how I had gotten here. My dad dying, my girlfriend leaving me, losing a dream job. I suppose it was no surprise. I had heard stories of people getting addicted to pop and never escaping its bubbly grasp. It didn’t seem real at first, but the epidemic had gripped the nation in its sugary clamps. And now I was one of the stories. Another statistic.

“You know, I never pegged you for a sugar fiend ChelChamp?” He said.

“Me neither, man. Me neither.” I whispered.

As of Monday, January 11, 2021 the Facebook Marketplace listing appears to have been removed. See the screenshot and ensuing conversation on Reddit here.

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