Get ready for some much cooler weather here in south Louisiana.

As another strong cold front sweeps across much of the south, many may be resorting to various ways to keep their house warm for the first time this season.

Like so many of you, I too am guilty of letting my guard down when it comes time to turn things on for the first time during the season.

Here are just a few quick reminders for you, and others, as we prepare to stay warm this weekend and in the weeks ahead.

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Let's start with checking the smoke detectors in your house. Be sure that they work and that the batteries in them are not dead. Fire officials often say that this is your number defense in surviving a house fire.

Don't let your guard down and be sure to take the time to evaluate ALL of the smoke detectors that you may have in your house or apartment.


This is so dangerous. A lot of folks use their stove or oven to keep their house warm and you should not do this.

Never leave your stove on to warm your house and please never go to sleep with your stove on. Stoves can overheat and catch fire, thus it is not made to be used as a heating element for your home.

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Electric heaters are super popular when it comes to heating rooms and that is fine. However, you need to watch where you place them.

Many have lost their home because of electric heaters being placed too close to beds or other furniture.

If you're going to use an electric heater in the cooler days ahead, NEVER place it close to something that can catch fire.

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If you have gas heaters or fireplaces in your home, it may be a good idea to invest in a couple of carbon monoxide alarms.

Carbon monoxide is a "silent killer" and too often we read about families being poisoned while trying to stay warm.

Like some detectors, this could be a lifesaver during the winter. Get them if you can.


Have your fireplace cleaned and inspected prior to use. Before you put wood into your fireplace and burn it to stay warm, you may want to have a chimney sweep come out and inspect your wood-burning fireplace.

Through time, things build up in the flume of your fireplace and when the flume is too "dirty" it can become a fire hazard.

Also, be sure to properly clean all surfaces around your fireplace and always have a barrier between it and your house/flooring.


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