The popular streaming service has found a way for friends and family to still enjoy a movie night, while being socially distant of course!

Thanks to the Google Chrome extension, Netflix Party, you will be able to still enjoy a movie night with friends and family or even "Quarantine and Chill" as the kids are saying these days. According to USA Today, this extension allows people to get together virtually and has on online "chat room" where you can share your thoughts with who you are watching with!

Netflix Party
Netflix Party

All you need to do is follow these simple steps!

  1. Go to on a Google Chrome browser and click "Get Netflix Party for free!" This will redirect you to Netflix Party's page on the chrome web store.
  2. Click "Add to Chrome" and then click "Add extension" in the pop-up window. Netflix Party will then be added to the top right corner of your Google Chrome browser, next to the address bar. It will have the initials "NP."
  3. Make sure your friends have downloaded "NP" onto their Google Chrome browsers as well.
  4. Using your Google Chrome browser, go to, and play the show or movie you all want to watch.
  5. Then click the "NP" button on your browser. You'll also have the option of making yourself the one in charge of pausing, fast-forwarding and rewinding by checking the "Only I have control" box. If you don't, anybody in your party will be able to use these features.
  6. Click "Start the Party" and copy the URL that appears. Send this URL to the people you want to join your party.
  7. Once your friends open the link, they should log into Netflix and hit the "NP" button on their Google Chrome browsers.
  8. Sit back and enjoy the movie or show with friends! :)
Netflix Party 2
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