Don't run into a cement truck the week of the Twin Cities Marathon. That's my free advice to you. I'd go so far as to stay never run into a cement truck whether training for an event or out walking the dog. It would seem absurd advice if it didn't actually happen to me Wednesday morning.

I was out for my final measurable run for Sunday's Twin Cities Marathon when I saw a crew doing some sidewalk work. I moved into the street and planned to skirt by the front of the cement truck when it started to move into my path. It was moving very slowly but I hadn't looked toward the driver as I got close and maybe he didn't see me.

I usually try to catch the eye of drivers when I come up to intersections. I have to say most have been great about giving me the right-of-way. I'll have to remember that the next time I run through a construction zone, which I have done a lot of but usually when they're not working.

I have received some credible advice from others that have run a marathon as I prepare for my first. Sip a Gatorade the day before the run. I plan to do that. Wake up at 3 am on the day of the run and eat a big breakfast. I'm probably not going to do that.

One veteran runner told me it will be the greatest day of my life. (Sorry kids, your births will have to drop down a notch.) I've also been told when I cross the finish line, I will understand that all the work to get there was worth it.

I still blame my daughter for getting me involved in running. My wife and I went to watch her and her friends run at a few events. I thought to myself, "I can do that." I have run for quite a few years for a little exercise. But over the last couple of years, it's become an obsession.

My training for the Twin Cities Marathon ramped up after I finished Relay Iowa, a 339-mile run across the state in early June. I've run a couple of 18-mile days and maxed out at 20 miles. My legs felt like rubber after that one and my knees like cement blocks. Maybe a ride on a cement truck isn't such a bad idea.

Good Luck to the many individuals across southern Minnesota who will run of the events this weekend in the Twin Cities. Let us know through social media or the Chat feature on our app who is running.


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