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The 2022 version of the Minnesota State Fair is just over a month away. But before it starts, do you remember which vendors made the most money at last year's Fair?

Even though attendance was down last year, some food vendors still made some pretty decent money during the 2021 run of the Minnesota State Fair. Which was good news, seeing as 2020 Minnesota State Fair wasn't held due to-- say it with me now-- "the pandemic!"

But some things were noticeably different during the 2021 run of the Great Minnesota Get-Together. According to KARE 11, the Minnesota State Fair said 1.3 million people walked through the gates in 2021. That sounds like an impressive amount, but it was actually down about 40 percent from the Fair's record attendance of 2.1 million, set before the pandemic in 2019.

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The smaller attendance also affected profits at various food vendors, as well, KARE noted, saying that only one vendor's revenues were in the millions in 2021, compared to seven vendors whose revenues hit six figures back in 2016. BringMeTheNews also noted that due to the pandemic, over 150 exhibitors decided to skip the 2021 version of the State Fair as well.

So which vendors took in the most in 2021? Keep scrolling to take a look! And keep scrolling to check out all 38 new foods that are set to make their debut during this year's Minnesota State Fair, which runs Thursday, August 25th through Labor Day, September 5th.

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