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Nostalgia is big these days, and a new survey has just come up with the favorite retro toy in each state. Did you ever play with Minnesota's greatest toy?

No matter when you grew up, if you were like me, you probably had a TON of toys you played with during those long summer days and afternoons after school. And there were some classic toys back in the day, weren't there?

Like the Slinky. Or Etch-A-Sketch. Or even Legos. While some of those brands and toys are still around today, they're not quite the same as when we were kids, right? So just which classic retro toy is the favorite here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes?

That's what the crew over  Spilsbury (a toy and game company) set to find out. They did some research to see how much those retro toys are worth now, and what the most popular retro toy in every state is. They analyzed Google Trends over the past 12 months to determine each state’s favorite toy.

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And here in the Gopher State, the survey says our favorite retro toy is... Polly Pocket.

Polly Pocket?!? Really? I had to Google Polly Pocket to even figure out what it is. ('The Original Micro Doll' is how the Polly Pocket website describes the toy series, which apparently is still around today.)

I thought maybe Tonka Toys might be our favorite retro toy here in the Bold North, seeing as they were invented and originally made up in Mound by a company named Mound Metalcraft. They were so successful the company actually changed its name to Tonka Toys in 1955, taking the classic name from Lake MinneTONKA.

Or how about Barbie? Do you mean the world-famous doll isn't Minnesota's favorite retro toy?!? She was ranked number one nationally in the survey and is also the favorite retro toy in 13 states.  Hot Wheels were also named several times, coming second on the favorite retro toys survey, and were listed as the favorite in 9 states. PlayStation was ranked third on the list.

You can check out the full survey below. And speaking of classic toys, keep scrolling to check out what the hot toys were each Christmas season when we were kids, including the year you were born!

Courtesy Spilsbury
Courtesy Spilsbury

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