Halloween - a most wonderful time of year. Whether you enjoy the dressing up, the harvest fun with pumpkins and apples, or getting a little fright into your life, there's something for everyone. Oh. There's candy too.

Leave it to Pro Movers to find some of the little-known spooky locations around each state while moving folks to their new destinations. In Minnesota you may, or may not, what to check out a hotel that once served as a morgue for soldier's before 1900, caves that gangsters used to hide from authorities during Prohibition, or a hotel that was a brothel in the past.

At Chase on the Lake Hotel in Walker, you can reserve rooms that "historically served as a morgue for soldiers who died during the 1898 Battle of Sugar Point," according to Pro Movers. Near St. Paul are the Wabasha Street Caves. You can tour the caves where bootleggers hid from police during Prohibition. Or visit the Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre where a chill might befall you from "the ghost of Lucy lowering the temperature in your room."

If you are up for a short road trip to Iowa, Pro Movers has the scoop on a house where ax murders are said to have taken place, a haunted schoolhouse, and a bridge in Fort Dodge noted as a site of several tragic deaths.

Or head over to Wisconsin to tour an abandoned asylum in Owen, a ghostly Boy Scout troop camp near Stevens Point, or a hotel with a secret cave that may lead to a very dark place.

As Pro Movers says on this virtual tour, "From weird noises coming from abandoned hospitals, unexplained paranormal activity, to mysterious figures appearing close enough to touch you, these spooky destinations are places you wish were only just another ghost tale."

Review the full list and find out just how haunted these United States are!

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