Culturfest will take place on Saturday, and it will be the last one, so this is your last chance to try foods from around the world in one location, Wilson School. I do not consider myself a "foodie" but I do enjoy trying new things, in order to broaden my horizons some.

You can try something new, or have an old favorite on Saturday.

Guadalupe & Fabiola Martinez - They will be offering real fruit flavored water drinks including Horchata, and fresh fruit. I am not sure if I got it from this place last year, but, we had an apple with chili powders and something else on it, yummy.

Jambo Halal Restaurant - They will offer Somali favorites, sambusa, chicken, and Somali rice. All are good choices, I really enjoy the sambusa and rice.

Taste of the Big Apple - Assorted pizzas available.

CultureFest German Stand - They will be serving brats and hot dogs. Hope they offer sauerkraut for those brats.

CulturFest Cookie Stand - Chocolate chips and milk, both white and chocolate. I spent a lot of time last year next to this stand, it smelled amazing, and you can't go wrong with warm chocolate chip cookies.

Noris Cuisine - Arepas, emapanadas, and Latin fusion tater tots. Out of all of the vendors listed, I must go to this one, just to try the Latin fusion tots.

I will have to make sure to bring my wallet with, looking forward to checking out the event and trying something new. You can see pictures from last year's Culturfest here.

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