You can go ahead and call me crazy, because at this point things are starting to seem like it. But just hear me out. If you can accept two facts that I'm going to lay out for you, then I think I might be able to open those people's minds who doubt in the existence of UFOs.

First off, nobody is saying it's aliens. Not yet at least. The fact is the government is looking into UFOs or as they call them now Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. UAPS for short. That is a fact, and they have delivered a classified report to congress, and released an unclassified report to the public. It basically says that there are things in the sky that are a threat for security and safety in our airspace. They are not ours, and we need to study them to find out more on it, and freely share information to get to the bottom of it. They just focused on 2004-present sightings, which is just a sliver of UFO history.

Secondly, a lot of these UAP sightings occur near water. Some of the pilots have come forward and said that have seen objects going in and out of the oceans. There's even a leaked video that shows a UAP being tracked flying into the ocean off the coast of San Diego.

So we know that UFOs are real. We know that some of them go in and out of the water. We just don't know what they are or what their intentions are.

Could UFOs be hiding in the water? It would make perfect sense as the earth is mostly water and you could hide just about anywhere. The Great Lakes are enormous as well and you could easily hide a UAP or craft in Lake Superior.

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There also have been many UFO sightings around Lake Superior over the years. Way back in 1955 an Air Force jet vanished over Lake Superior when trying to track down a UAP. Bizarre explanations and conflicting reports were given by the Air Force.

Every year there are handfuls of reports involving lights over Lake Superior or along the North Shore. Sometimes they can be explained as Starlink Satellites which fly in a row typically. However, orbs that have changed color, direction, or shot up into the sky have been reported.

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