Congratulations and best of luck to all high school and college graduates. Hooray! You did it!

This is a time that could cause some people to cry, maybe tear up and some are just plain excited to move on.

It is a great day, a great time. It's a time to remember. You're sitting on top of the world. It is a time to enjoy.

You did great. Crammed, tested, passed and graduated.

Graduation sometimes, most times, brings on "What next?" Could be more schooling, which cool another graduation. Maybe some traveling. Either way that brings pictures in the mix.

Pictures are great. They tell a lot about the time, and that includes grad pictures. Just remember it is all good and some great memories.

Good luck and best wishes! Don't give up. And most of all, believe in yourself.

Share your pictures with us. No matter the year of graduation. Enjoy ours.