Faribault Mayor Kevin Voracek told KDHL listeners today the City Council meeting Tuesday had some technical issues with the cable broadcast.

Voracek said they would put video of the meeting on the city's website for those who would like to watch.

Under items of routine business the city bought some property.  Voracek says, "The grass that is around the Crooked Pint.  The city has purchased that.  That is actually in our 2040 vision to turn that into a large park.  It kind of makes sense for us to buy that because we also have the property to the south of the viaduct and that will become a parking lot."

Voracek stated, "So then we'll have an extra parking lot for the new park that we just purchased and a parking lot for Teepee Tonka Park so people can actually park on a hard surface when they go there."

The Faribault City Council also held a public hearing to approve the unmanned aerial systems (drones) operations policy.

Voracek explained, "About four months ago we approved the use of drones for the police department and updated that policy. But we never held a public hearing.  Our city  attorney said we should probably have a public hearing to deal with that and so that's what we did last night."

The property description is Parts of Lots 1 and 2, Block 1, River Ridge 3rd Addition.

The city purchased the property for $217,025 dollars.  The agreement establishes a closing on or before the end of this year and incorporates a Reciprocal Access, Parking, Drainage, and Utilities Easement and a Declaration of Use Restriction and First Right of Refusal.

A memo to the council states funding for the acquisition will come from the Facilities Capital Improvement Fund.

The property is adjacent to the city's trail and other city owned property.

It is located between the Crooked Pint (formerly) restaurant and the Highway 60 viaduct bridge.

This is where I recommended the city put a town square like you see all over Europe.


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