Our church held its children's Christmas pageant last Sunday. It got me thinking about the times my son was a participant.

Aaron was at one time a sheep who did not sit still and didn't necessarily follow the teacher's instructions, just as several sheep and angels kept their parents on the edge of their seats this year.

Aaron eventually grew up to be a wise man with lines to memorize. At the time, I stressed over whether he would nail his script, just as I suspect this year's parents did. Now, I don't remember if he did or not. I simply hope the experience and exposure helped to build his faith and belief. His last attachment was as the sound board operator a couple of years ago. The responsibility of making it to rehearsal and working with the music director were valuable takeaways from that.

As I sat in the pew last Sunday, I also thought about the teachers in the education wing trying to keep 20 elementary and younger age children occupied. At the same time, I sat there hoping my son was staying on task during his first year away at college.

I drove to the University of Minnesota to pick him up this weekend. It sounds like classes and finals went well. It's my turn to have faith, that he will be all right in the transition to being a young adult.

Christmas pageant
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