What started out as a way to correspond with several people in England, in the 1840s, when it was considered rude to not answer personal letters, has now boomed into a huge business. That business is the Christmas Card, and you can read more about the history here.

I have done it all, ordered photo cards, bought boxes of cards and included school photos of my children, I have even bought card stock and made my own cards, back when I had extra time to be all crafty and stuff. I had an extensive list of recipients, which has dwindled over the years. Some people have moved, some I no longer have any contact with, and some have died.

This brings me to question whether Christmas cards are still a thing, as big as they were years back. I get fewer and fewer cards every year, in fact, I can count on one hand how many cards have shown up in my mailbox this year. This leads me to think that with people sending e-cards, and in general being so much more connected through Social media and the like, people just aren't doing Christmas cards like they used to. Interesting note, the cards I have received have come from my friends who are my age and/or older, and none from those in the generation after mine.

Of course, I may not be receiving as many because I no longer send them out myself. So, I'll take the responsibility for being that "bad friend" who doesn't send out cards. I didn't consciously choose to no longer send them, time keeps getting away from me every year, so that is the one task I just don't get done. I love receiving them, but, if you don't get one back, I am sorry, and I will understand if you take me off your list.

Merry Christmas Card
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