Over a year into the pandemic and the CDC is updating their guidelines for kids in schools, grades K through twelve.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the new guidelines Friday (March 19th), stating that they are updating said guidelines to "reflect the latest science" on social distancing in schools.

For elementary schools, the CDC says kids should still social distance, however they can do so with three feet between others, rather than six. The CDC says this guideline is for classrooms in which masks are used. They should continue to wear masks while adhering to the new guidelines, according to the CDC.

The same guidelines should be used for middle and high schoolers, says the CDC. This means students should maintain a distance of three feet between others and continue to wear masks. However, for students in these categories, six feet should be kept between others in the condition that transmission could be high or where kids see other kids throughout the day rather than staying with the same group all day.

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As mentioned, these new guidelines are for those that are wearing masks. The CDC says students should continue wearing masks, even though the distance between students is now smaller.

It should also be mentioned that six feet is not the new standard in all school settings. The CDC says social distancing of six feet should still be used in all other circumstances, including loitering in common areas, eating in the cafeteria and other settings outside of a classroom.

This news comes after another recent update to the CDC guidelines. In early February, the CDC recommended that everyone wear two masks instead of one if possible.

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