With professional sports staring to return, the focus now shifts to youth sports and how to safely and efficiently get the programs to return.

Centers for Disease Control
Centers for Disease Control

In an effort to restart organized sports, the CDC has crated a grid which, if followed correctly, can help lead to the restart of youth sports this summer. The purpose of this tool is to streamline the resumption of organized sports and make it easy and safe for all of those involved. Of course, it's important to check with state and local guidelines as well. The three biggest questions that are ask are:

  • Should you consider opening?
  • Are recommended health and safety actions followed?
  • Is ongoing monitoring in place?

One of the biggest obstacles maybe the continuous screening that is needed first before any other steps are taken. Unfortunately, if that step can not be met the resumption of any sports are not recommended. With testing still fairly hard to get, the screening of those involved may hinder the return of youth organized sports in some areas.

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