There are not too many people I've met who don't like food.  We all have different taste buds.  Some people are more picky about what they eat.  One of my favorite endeavors while traveling is trying the foot wherever I go.

The Cannon Valley Fair in Cannon Falls will have a lot of variety again this year when they open with 4H, FFA, and Open Class building entry on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 from 2:00 to 7:00 p.m.

The handbook is on the website.  Pre-registration is strongly encouraged.  Paper copies of all classes are available at Merchants Bank and CannonBelles Coffee and Ice Cream Shop in Cannon Falls.

The Cannon Falls Lions Club will have their famous food stand at the grandstand events with a new item on the menu.  A Spam sandwich.  They will also be serving their famous delicious steak sandwiches, brats and hot dogs.

Schroder Concessions of Faribault is back for the 59th year at the Cannon Valley Fair in Cannon Falls with their usual variety of food.  Their menu includes corn dogs, foot long hot dogs, onion rings, lemonade, cotton candy, sno cones and caramel apples.

Don-O's Gyros feature a traditional style gyro (seasoned beef and lamb) served on pita with tomatoes, onions and Tzatziki Sauce.  A chicken gyro and pickle on a stick are also located at their stand.

The Lemon has their fresh squeezed lemonade to enjoy.

Burrito King is back with walking tacos, taco salad, a large selection of burritos and more.

Tiny Tim Donuts have bags of mini donuts you can indulge with while roaming the grounds.

Knights of Columbus will serve Greg's Meats Brats, including wild rice (my favorite), hot dogs, pulled beef or pulled pork sandwiches are also available.

Island Concessions will have shishkabobs, chicken pita, Italian sausage on their menu.

The Cannon Falls FFA will be back with their strawberry, chocolate or vanilla malts and shakes.

Tempo Ice Cream has root beer floats, ice cream cones and cups along with ice cream slushies.

Delicious Delights serves boneless wings, shrimp baskets, burgers and more.

The Classic Kitchen has hot beef sundae, Philly (steak or chicken) sandwich, pulled BBQ beef, deep fried pickles, stuffed tater bites, deep fried cookies, funnel fingers with dipping sauce and more.

Mee-Ma's Coffee is the place to go for coffee, ice coffee in several different flavors.

At the Hop features a ribeye steak sandwich, chicken wings or a variety of hamburgers.

Quesadilla Junction (Regal Concessions) makes a variety of quesadillas including beef, chicken and cheese.  Mocho Nachos are also tasty.

When it comes to food at the Cannon Valley Fair they are truly living up to the theme of, "Bring Back the Fun in 2021."

Schroeder Concession Stands at Cannon Valley Fair. Photo provided by Cannon Valley Fair
Schroder Concession Stands at Cannon Valley Fair. Photo provided by Cannon Valley Fair

Food does not have to be complicated to taste good.

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