The latest COVID-19 information released by the Goodhue County Public Health Departments shows Cannon Falls still leading in cases.

As of Friday, July 17, 2020 there are 146 total lab confirmed positive cases since January 20th of this year.  14 are active.  124 patients no longer need to be isolated.  12 of the 146 had serious enough cases to require hospitalization.  5 of the 12 hospitalized were admitted to intensive care.

1 case (person) is currently hospitalized.  8 deaths have been reported in Goodhue County from COVID-19.  Median age is 42.8 with 56% female, 44% male.

Cannon Falls has 31% of the cases (as of July 16), Red Wing 21%, Kenyon 14%, Pine Island 10%, Zumbrota 9%, Welch 6%, Goodhue 5%, Wanamingo 3% and Dennison 1%.  Remember part of Dennison is in Goodhue and a portion in Rice County.

For the first time Goodhue County included a graph showing COVID-19 cases per capita (cumulative number of cases by city per 10,000 people) where Welch is on top followed closely by Cannon Falls and Kenyon.  Red Wing is on the bottom of the 9 communities listed.

Goodhue County COVID-19 cases by age report

  • 24%  in their 20's
  • 16%  in their 50's
  • 15%  in their 40's
  • 11%  in their 60's
  • 9%    in their 30's
  • 8%    10 to 19
  • 7%    in their 70's
  • 4%    in their 80's
  • 3%    in their 90's and under 10 age group
  • No cases over 100 years old

There is approximately a 2.1% positive rate in Goodhue County.

Cases by exposure reported 28% Community known contact with a positive case, 26% Long-Term Care (staff or resident), 23% Community no known contact with a positive case, 8% Health Care and Travel each, 4% unknown, 3% Corrections (staff or inmate).


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