The human body is an amazing machine that fascinates me each and every day. For a hot second, I wanted to be an athletic trainer because I was so intrigued by how the body worked. Then I took college biology... and well, sorry mom and dad, now I work in radio!

It was announced the other day that Body World Rx is making a trip to the Science Museum of Minnesota. According to Bring Me The News, the exhibit will kick off on October 4th and go for 12 weeks. I saw a Body World back in Colorado and learned so much. I assume because we live in the "Med City" a lot of us might go check this out.

The article says that you'll see around 100 human bodies that have been preserved and plasticized, so you can see what healthy and sick human bodies look like. The goal of the traveling exhibit is for us to learn about the complexity of the body. For the most part, they will be doing side-by-side comparisons of healthy and sick bodies. They will show humans that have passed away from things like cancer, dementia, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. If you don't do well with smells or are a tad squeamish, I wouldn't go! The site says they don't have an age limit, but this could be scary to little kids.

I'm planning on making a trip to check it out because it's super cool to see what these diseases actually look like. This blows my mind, but the exhibit has been to around 140 cities on four continents. The site also says that there have been around 48 million people who have visited, which is a lot. Let's keep that number growing.

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